What’s Involved in Designing Successful Landscapes?

Property owners typically want their home’s exterior areas to look nice and provide great places to relax or entertain. However, attaining those objectives isn’t always easy. That’s why the region’s best landscapers are always busy. If you’re considering updating your yard’s look, there are a few things about the landscaping process to consider.

Evaluating a Property

Experts understand the best landscapes take a significant amount of planning before anything is done. It’s important, for example, to determine how best to use existing features when developing an overall plan. Trees take years to grow, so making the best use of existing trees is always part of a landscape plan. The topography of the land is also important, as hills or slopes must be effectively dealt with.

Develop a Budget

When discussing a landscape plan with a professional, having a budget is strongly recommended. While it would be nice to have every type of plant as well as hardscape features included in a plan, that’s not always possible. Sculpting a site and bringing in mature trees, for examples, can be very costly. When hardscape features are included, the total expenses for a project can quickly get out of hand if there is no predetermined budget in place.

Plant for All Seasons

Too many people focus on plants that look their best during only one season. Landscape experts routinely recommend mixing and matching plant types to ensure there are lovely plants to enjoy throughout the area’s warmer seasons. Even colder months can include vibrant colors if the best plant options are selected. Of course, it’s also important to locate plants where they’re going to be visible. Larger plants should always be located behind shorter plantings to take advantage of every plant’s beauty.

Get Estimates Early in the Process

As a rule, it’s best to get estimates for all phases of a project from landscape professionals prior to starting any site work or plantings. When some features, like hardscapes, will be provided by subcontractors, their bids should also be in hand before work starts. It’s far easier to make changes early in the landscaping process than after it’s half done.

Landscaping and hardscaping features enhance any property when they are properly designed and installed. If you’re considering a landscaping project, selecting a qualified, experienced expert is always advised. For more information, schedule a meeting with an area landscape professional today.